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Michael Betancourt is a Glitch Art pioneer who began manipulating digital errors in 1990. This collection surveys his HD movies.

These movies have shown in film festivals, art fairs, and galleries internationally, influencing the use of glitches in popular culture (such as in the title sequence to Amazon's sci-fi program The Expanse).

Going Somewhere is frequently breathtakingly beautiful.... In Betancourt’s hands, datamoshing becomes a form of cultural resistance. Instead of utilizing the smooth, illusionistic motion of digital cinema which you would typically see in a commercial movie theater, he deliberately pulls apart the codes and exploits its errors to deconstruct the movies and show us how they do their tricks. He pulls apart the narrative tropes of Sci Fi at the same time that he literally pulls apart the pictures, pixel by pixel, creating a radically open form which resists the hypnotic myth-making of Hollywood. — David Finkelstein

The glitch creates abrupt insertions and interferences, with intrusive fragments of images that seem out of place or come from other moments, earlier or later, belonging to the same narrative. Through the failure, whether fortuitous or induced, the trick is exposed; we still perceive movement, but we understand that it is only real in our mind. — José Manuel García Perera

Betancourt's work as a theorist and historian of these digital artifacts makes this collection of interest to anyone engaged with contemporary digital art and culture.
  • Glitch Movies by Michael Betancourt
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  • Glitch Movies by Michael Betancourt
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          2012 – 2017 • 75 minutes • USA

          English • 16:9 • color / stereo • Blu-Ray zones ABC

          This collection includes 10 glitch movies:

                    Going Somewhere (all 6 episodes)
                    The Dogs of Space
                    The Kodak Moment
                    Dancing Glitch
                    The Dark Rift
                    Rey Parlá Orders Pizza
                    Contact Light
                    Beware of Boredom
                    False Colors, Brightly Seen

          + Special Bonus Movies

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